Calligraphy projects are another way I explore the materiality of language.

There is a rich line of inheritance from Edward Johnston to the newer ‘expressive’ calligraphy of today and my recent projects include Chinese Brush Painting - Gongbi Style, Xieyi landscapes, as well as encoding expressive works, with scrolls, invented alphabets and writing on experimental surfaces.

Each stroke of the pen carries a unique signature of a person, a multi-layering synchronicity what Ann Hechle describes as ‘where two or more events occur in a meaningful way.’ It is this experience of non-linear synchronicities, those moments that connect when deeply engaged in a project, that my ‘expressive’ calligraphy aims to explore, through meaning, space and intuition.

I have been taught by Ann Hechle, Helen Hayman, Peter Halliday, Anne Allen, Jim Winstanley and am a Member of Calderdale Calligraphers and my work has appeared frequently in The Ascender magazine.