The Rage of Coming of Age

Claire's first solo collection includes experimental & concrete poetry, performance pieces and visual-textual experiments, and were composed over a twelve year period, 1999-2011.

Now available in a beautiful hand-made hardback volume with a limited edition of 100 signed and hand numbered copies.

Printed on Stockwell 160gsm, 288mm x 186mm, hardback, pp.62.
Digitally typeset by Christian Brett (Bracket Press)

Cover artwork by John Dwyer, and covers were letterpress printed on an Arab platen at Incline Press and hand sewn and bound by the author, using vermilion endpapers, headband and ribbon.

Each book has been hand splattered so distinctly unique.

The book contains the following poems:

  • The Smell of the Word Blue
  • Final Peace
  • Metachromatic
  • Imperfect Perforations on a Toilet Roll
  • Soma’s Other World
  • Sweet Tea
  • Where a = 1
  • Wallpaper Rocks
  • Hale-Bopp
  • Coming Unstuck from my Velvet Rut
  • Morphemes
  • A Dodgy Moment
  • Treeslide
  • Syringe
  • My Worst Nightmare
  • Maiden Huddersfield
  • Impatiently Impulsive
  • WD40 for the Soul (Blue Fracture)
  • On Possibility
  • Let’s get Creative
  • Nothingness
  • My Diophantine Problem
  • Die
  • Route to Cloud No.9
  • The Bliss of the Kiss

“self-comforting, she began to kiss her hand, succulent sucking, with controlled burn overhead, autoerotic in the mouth’s virtuosity, suckling and weaning before withdrawal, telekinesis, splitting her personality in two from chaos to a new kind of primal order…”
from The Bliss of The Kiss.

Feathergill's Donkey Brand

Whilst attending a weekly Calligraphy class with Helen Hayman, one of the ladies produced an old Donkey stone, found in an old hardware store from a bygone seaside retreat. Tales of grandparents and memories of washing and cleaning were inspired and I promised to write a poem on the subject for the following week.

Feathergill's Donkey Brand is the name of the Donkey Stone that were sold for a penny or less, or given in exchange for recyclables by the rag & bone man. Use was general in the factory towns of Northern England, when whitened steps were considered proper house-hold care, and died out through the 1960's with the generation that last used them. Their daughters had other priorities.

216 x 106 mm, [12] p. (unpaginated). Handset in 12 point Granby with Prism for the title, and printed on Hahnemühle paper. 1 line-block illustration repeated and two tipped-in donkey stone wrappers. Sewn into a printed card cover. The edition is of 160 unnumbered copies and designed to fit into a Bankers DL envelope.

A craft-made Chapbook, produced at Incline Press, 2014 and currently available to purchase at

She Boxer

The She Boxer is a one act theatre play, exploring the physical restrictions and performativity of abusive relationships, with the main character, a Young Woman being placed in a copper box.

Her dialogues with the Fairy offer the female psyche an insight into how destructive control can dominate the wild female psyche and the extremes that result when creative function is diminished.

(Writing these lines a decade later, it seems it is never a mistake to search for what one requires.)

Whilst studying the art of Letterpress Printing at my mentors Incline Press of Oldham, I hand typeset the pamphlet book using Monotype Gill Sans and Granby. The paper is Nash Laid Vellum 100gsm and the cover Eco Kraft 280gsm. Printed by treading the Arab platen at Incline Press, Oldham making an edition of 160 numbered copies. The piece also went onto be performed at the Lawrence Batley Cellar Theatre the same year. (2011)

Parvus Vellum Binding

A project to create a full bound hand sewn hardback edition from the letterpress printed book, Parvus, written and illustrated by Sven Ljungberg and hand printed by Kathy Whalen and Graham Moss at Incline Press 2000.

French sewn, using hand made endpapers, headband and ribbon and bound with 19th Century title deeds vellum.

A Clamshell, protective decorative box with a hinged lid connected to its base. Both the lid and the bottom sections of the box have three fixed side sections and the lid is slightly larger so that the side pieces ‘nest’ when the case is closed. The fourth spine side has a hinge to join the top and bottom of the box: the flexible joint allows the box to lay flat when opened.


Hand sewn 192 page A5 full case bound book, flat back with foil blocking and headband.