RoRo (with Lizzey Ross)

I first met Lizzey in 2014 when she was the singer-songwriter in The Suitcase Dwellers, and I collaborated with them on projects including Blackstone Cave at Halifax Minster and Byram Arcade. Since 2015 we have experimented with blending a combination of poetry aphorism, philosophy, and scientific phrasing, creating site-specific performances for The Red Tower, York Walls Festival, Vortex Gallery, EMOM Holmfirth.

We continue to experiment with aspects of performance including voice modulation and macaronic language, and are preparing for a new release in 2022.

For contact or to book us direct:

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Listen to Sunshot...

Bear Dreamer

RoRo's musical kaleidoscopic incantation on the nature and healing power of Bear

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Holmfirth EMOM, Sept 2021

This RoRo set included the new pieces:

  • Sometimes/Never
  • Sunshot
  • We can be Free
  • Mask Boy
  • Glacier/Purge

Photo Credits: Stephen Mckeown

Wonderlab (the inaugural Holmfirth EMOM, Nov 2019)

Full Performance

Selected Excerpt