Lizzey Ross

Lizzey Ross is a singer songwriter based in Yorkshire who is an accomplished vocalist and piano player.

Her work is inspired by field sounds and emotionally led vocals and enjoys the likes of Nina Simone, System Of A Down, Ella Fitzgerald, Jacob Collier and Wardruna.

Besides working as a vocalist, piano teacher and choir director at Ricky’s School of Rock, she regularly tours Europe and plays to stadium audiences, as keyboardist with the pirate metal band Red Rum.

I first met Lizzey 5 years ago when she was the singer songwriter in The Suitcase Dwellers and collaborated with them on projects including Blackstone Cave at Halifax Minster and Byram Arcade. Over the past 4 years we have experimented with blending a combination of poetry aphorism, philosophy, and scientific phrasing, creating site-specific performances for The Red Tower, York Walls Festival, Vortex Gallery, EMOM Holmfirth and continue to experiment with voice modulation using a Novation MiniNova synth and other vocal processes including a Voicelive vocal processor. We have also jointly played percussion instruments such as the xylophone and small healing bowls during live performances for a more hypnotising, ‘in the room’ experience. Lizzey also has an artists studio at Vortex Gallery.

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Wonderlab (the inaugural Holmfirth EMOM, Nov 2019)

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Martin Christie

Martin Christie is an artist based in West Yorkshire with an interest in music, writing and drawing. He has written several books including the musical adventure series Open Mic Travels and Electronic Music Travels. The latter book describes events that took place as a result of the Electronic Music Open Mic movement which Martin founded. Martin was lead singer and song writer with the band Old Man Pie which had an album released in America and many successes with their online animations. He now plays as Poet & the Loops combining electronic music with sung/spoken word.

I have recently collaborated with Martin to dream up a random poetry generator. The initial work involved our separate development of 500 words and phrases suitable for inclusion in the poetry generator. The poetry generator was envisaged as an app or online tool that could create abstract and concrete poetry at the click of a mouse or touch of a button. The technology has not yet been developed, but the collaboration gave rise to several beautifully abstract poems plus the lyrics for a monastic piece called The Human Muzzle. Martin and I have a shared interest in poetry that is not obviously ‘about’ something but points towards the complexity of life, death, emotions and human frailty.

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390 x 285mm - Kingsthings spike, gothic bastarda & cadels on 1836 vellum indenture deeds.
(I photographed it on a light board to show the natural transparency of the calfskin)
This piece stems from an experimental poetry collaboration between myself and Martin Christie and his monastic inspired song of the same name can be heard here.

Robert Norbury

Robert Norbury is a fine art photographer living and working in Brighouse.

I first met Robert at a performance event in 2016 and over the past 4 years we’ve worked together on photography shoots, live performance events, music videos and I recently curated his latest retrospective exhibition ‘Extraordinary Eye’ at The Media Centre, Huddersfield (Jan 2020).

“Robert Norbury has an extraordinary eye. His gift, as properly it should be considered a gift, is his capacity to release the shutter when heart and subconscious mind are in perfect union. What Norbury sees, that which Norbury responds to, the world that informs Norbury, most of us can only wonder at.”

Tim Soar

'Personified mutual force'

- Robert Norbury