Calligraphy projects are another way I explore the materiality of language.

There is a rich line of inheritance from Edward Johnston to the newer ‘expressive’ calligraphy of today and my recent projects include Chinese Brush Painting - Gongbi Style, Xieyi landscapes, as well as encoding expressive works, with scrolls, invented alphabets and writing on experimental surfaces.

Each stroke of the pen carries a unique signature of a person, a multi-layering synchronicity what Ann Hechle describes as ‘where two or more events occur in a meaningful way.’ It is this experience of non-linear synchronicities, those moments that connect when deeply engaged in a project, that my ‘expressive’ calligraphy aims to explore, through meaning, space and intuition.

I have been taught by Ann Hechle, Helen Hayman, Peter Halliday, Anne Allen, Jim Winstanley and am a Member of Calderdale Calligraphers and my work has appeared frequently in The Ascender magazine.

The Human Muzzle

390 x 285mm - Kingsthings spike, gothic bastarda & cadels on 1836 vellum indenture deeds.
(I photographed it on a light board to show the natural transparency of the calfskin)

This piece stems from an experimental poetry collaboration between myself and Martin Christie and his monastic inspired song of the same name can be heard here.

❧ Mini Morris ❧

A miniature experiment in Arts & Crafts for Calderdale Calligraphers ‘Natural Inspiration’ postcard-size book. It’s not perfect but the process of layout & writing using a magnifying glass was a cherished challenge

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